NABC Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jim Haney
Executive Director
816-595-6150 [email protected]
Reggie Minton
Deputy Executive Director
816-595-6161 [email protected]
Stephanie Whitcher
Chief Financial Officer
816-595-6171 [email protected]
Carol Haney
Sr. Director of Internal Operations
816-595-6180 [email protected]
Mark Heatherman
Sr. Director of Special Events
816-595-6160 [email protected]
Troy Hilton
Sr. Director of Association Affairs and Corporate Relations
816-595-6155 [email protected]
Rick Leddy
Sr. Director of Communications
203-239-4253 [email protected]
Janelle Guidry
Director of Convention
816-595-6167 [email protected]
Wade Hageman
Director of Corporate Relations
816-595-6174 [email protected]
Rose Tate
Director of Membership Services
816-595-6185 [email protected]
Eric Wieberg
Director of Digital and Social Media
816-595-6164 [email protected]
Jenna Wright
Director of Convention Housing
816-595-6178 [email protected]
Ebony Donahue
Associate Director of Membership Services
816-595-6151 [email protected]