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Guardians of the Game Teams Up With Pursuing Victory With Honor

Guardians of the Game Teams Up With Pursuing Victory With Honor to Provide a Wealth of Coaching Resources

The NABC's GUARDIANS OF THE GAME program gives coaches a platform to advance core values and the sport's highest purpose: to develop the whole player, body, mind and character.

As a proud partner in the PURSUING VICTORY WITH HONOR (PVWH) sportsmanship campaign, Guardians of the Game now has even greater resources to enhance the positive role coaches play -- in the lives of students, the game of basketball and the broader community.

Virtually every American amateur athletic group joins NABC in endorsing PVWH, which is run by the Josephson Institute of Ethics and its CHARACTER COUNTS! project.

With Pursuing Victory With Honor, the NABC takes a practical approach to sportsmanship education by:

  • Advancing the T.E.A.M. approach to developing the Six Pillars of Character in young people.
  • Promoting the Gold Medal Standards for Amateur Basketball, which it co-authored, to set ground rules of sportsmanship and equip teacher-coaches with strategies to build life skills and character.
  • Distributing information on basketball as a character-building activity at its coaching clinics.
  • Offering selections on character in its reading program.
The Ultimate Guardian of the Game: The Teacher-Coach

Coach John Wooden

No spoken word, no written plea
Can teach your youth
what they should be.
Nor all the books on all the shelves.
It's what the teachers are themselves.
This is a favorite poem of the legendary John Wooden, who coined the term "Teacher-Coach" and personally demonstrated the virtues and benefits of developing the whole player. A Teacher-Coach is someone who:
  • Understands that he or she leaves a lasting impact on the lives of athletes.
  • Sees sports as an opportunity to teach life lessons.
  • Refuses to sacrifice his or her honor, or an athlete's, for the sake of victory.
  • Cares about how athletes behave both on and off the court.
  • Teaches athletes how to be good basketball players and good people.

The Josephson Institute's sportsmanship campaign, Pursuing Victory With Honor

Pursuing Victory With Honor joins forces with Guardians of the Game

Become a Better Coach:
...develop the whole player
The NABC Believes: